Top 3 Women’s Sandals for Outdoor Activities

Why this multi useful element of the touristic equipment as sandals is necessary while hiking or camping? The best models you can look here.

  • Putting on the sandals, you will feel much more comfortable in comparison with the boots, since being in a vehicle.
  • It is the spare footwear. Tracking sandals carry the touristic sack with weight till 20 kg and may replace the tracking boots on the even simple surfaces without rocks. For more complicated areas the specialized hiking boots are recommended, in order to protect the ankle.
  • In the evening, at stopping place, it is always pleasant to put on the sandals after the hard day if the weather is not very cold.
  • It is indispensable footwear for the river crossing by wading. It guarantees the protection of the feet from the rocks at the bottom. Also, it is nice to wear the sandals in the rainy weather in the warm season.
  • In case of the troubles with boots, it is better to go in sandals rather than barefoot.

sandals on feet
We have selected three top models of the sandals for hiking and outdoor activities, from our point of view.

1) Teva Women’s Terra FI Lite

sports sandal
The universal women’s sandals with the regulation of the toe, arch and heel areas. The proved reliability and comfort in the various conditions.
Purpose: hiking, water sports, beach, outdoor activities, everyday wearing in the city.

Peculiarities of Teva Terra FI Lite Women:

  • three points of the regulation for perfect fitting to the feet (heel, arch, toe)
  • quick-drying straps made from the breathable nylon
  • soft pads on the straps
  • absorption system Shoc Pad™ in the heel area for power distribution to the whole foot by the heel kick
  • antibacterial protectant Microban® Zinc
  • intermediate sole EVA
  • anti-slipping outsole Spider Original™

2) Keen Whisper Women’s

red sandal

The excellent women’s sandals for the outdoor activities. The model Whisper by KEEN will cope with the mountain paths, grots, fast mountain streams, canyons and any water obstacles. The thin neat straps, lighter flexible and thin outsole, convenient and quick regulation by means of an elastic lace.

Peculiarities of Keen Whisper Women’s:

  • upper part made of the washable polyester
  • hydrophobic materials provide the sandals with maximally fast drying
  • easy and quick lacing by means of an elastic lace
  • anatomical intermediate sole made of the foam Eva
  • antibacterial protectant of the sole AEGIS Microbe Shield™
  • anatomical insole made of foam EVA

3) Merrell Sandspur Rose

sandal for hiking

The sandals Merrell Sandspur Rose will be useful in summer trips and travels. They have elegant appearance through the thin straps.

Peculiarities of Merrell Sandspur Rose:

  • intermediate sole made from the EVA material
  • technology Air Cushion in the heel are guaranteed a good absorption
  • air-penetrable net with protectant Aegis does not allow the unpleasant flavor
    occurrence and provides with an optimal microclimate
  • the upper part of the model is designed for the natural leather
  • they are buttoned up by means of a touch and close fastener

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